Blew me away

The next two pieces I am very excited about. The first and smaller piece is done on clayboard. (I usually use synthetic paper.) Normally I paint a sheet of plexiglass and they lay my painting surface on top. This time I painted the board and then laid a light weight piece of flex-o-pane on top. My usual techniques of separation did not work with the light plastic so I dragged out my air compressor. I cut small slits to insert the air tube and turned on the power. I am very excited by the results.

Hansel, 8 x 10 clayboard with acrylic paint.

So then….

I cut a piece of flex-o-pane to lay over my synthetic paper. I put a couple of small slits in it for the compressor tube. Then I painted my paper, laid the plastic pane on top and made sure there was good contact. The tube was inserted and the power turned on. I moved the hose around a bit and switched slits once. I used some bamboo skewers to help hold the plastic up off the already printed area. I will try this again!!!

Fuchsia, 20 x 26, acrylic on synthetic paper.

I am not sure that ‘Fuchsia’ is the correct title. I am open to suggestions.